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Daytime Activities

Body Painting at Desire Resort SpaOur guests, at Desire Resort & Spa will enjoy a broad array of activities such as sports that take on Desire's sensual touch including yoga classes, sexy aqua fitness, water polo, basketball, beach and water volleyball and other beach and pool games as well as non motorized water sports.

For the more adventurous, we offer belly dancing, pole dance lessons and the famous daily "Desire Time" couples only contests, hosted by our Desire Cancun team that will amuse, surprise and entertain you.

Desire provides you with a calendar of activities for a more detailed guide of what to do during the day at Desire Resort & Spa.


Nightly Entertainment

Nightly Entertainment at Desire Resort SpaThe entertainment program of Desire Resort & Spa Riviera Maya has been designed to provide you with fun, themed adventures that every night will be led by our super friendly and enthusiastic Entertainment Team. Whether you engage in our performances or just witness them as a relaxed spectator, you'll be surely enticed by our unique nighttime entertainment.

Desire University - Go back to school days the most sensual way, only at Desire Resort & Spa. Have you ever dreamed of a sexy schoolgirl, taking notes of every desire that comes through your mind? Now, every Monday at our clothing optional resort in the Riviera Maya gives you the chance of fulfilling this fantasy and many others in our Naughty Desire University, the time to put on your most provocative schoolgirl and college outfits. This will be your opportunity to look your best, socialize with other guests and have a blast with our unique Couples Contest and live Rock band. Be a naughty schoolgirl or the hottest College nerd, learning the lessons not taught at school, and don’t get amazed if you are punished for being so badly behaved and you like it!
Sensual Wild West - It is a night full of Country Western music and fun, we will dare you to show your skills at the Sensual Riding Cowgirl Contest to later vote for your Mr. Erotic Cowboy in the Y Disco. Come with your lover and match outfits to become the most sensual Cowgirl and handsome Cowboy of the land. Girl, let him rescue you as a damsel in distress, but don’t worry about any danger, the only risk you will run tonight at our couples only resort will be to explore your limits of pleasure and desire.
Carnival Erotic Foam Party - Come and discover the tricks that awaken the Latin flavor in you and make your lover mad about you in the privacy of your suite or in our famous "Play Room". And as a new fantasy of Desire, our live performance will heat the place even more and liven up the atmosphere to invite you to dance, enjoy and play the night away, a promise of heat, fun and foam. Let the spicy games, playful, tropical music and soft bubbles seduce all of your senses every second of the experience. The most deliciously erotic night of all, you’ll wish it will never fade away.
Retro Neon Party - Time to feel alive! What do you like the most of the golden years? Yes, in our Retro Neon Party, we are bringing back the color and ease of that time, of course plus the sensual twist of Desire. Put on that tiny, tight and neon outfit you have and relax, we will give you in every moment a perfect excuse to relive the fun of those days and make your lover vibrate with passion like when you first met. After a succulent dinner, join us at the Melange Bar and mingle with other guests as you enjoy the greatest hits of the naughty 70’s. Then, our Y disco will be the meeting point for the Glow Girls Performance and let’s continue with our Retro Neon Party so that you can dance the night away.
Sparkling Black and White Celebration - A night to remember, to seduce and be seduced. Let your most secret fantasies be revealed in the moonlight. This will be our Sparkling Black & White Celebration that soon will become the Jewel of the Riviera. The Melange bar will be the place to dance with your significant other. Our live DJ will be playing to the most sensual rhythms from 9:00 pm to midnight, offering you the most tantalizing opportunities to end up in the arms of a stranger if you so desire. Continue with the splurge of the night at the Jacuzzi Lounge. And remember, only champagne from now on to the finale! Elegant and sophisticated, this will be a soiree full of exquisite sensuality.
Desire Costume Ball - Welcome to our great Desire Costume Ball. At our couples only resort, it is a tradition to surprise you bringing your most impossible fantasies to life and this night won't be the exception. Gents, wear the sexiest costume you can think of. Ladies, put on the attire that best matches your man’s and of course don't forget to reveal enough skin so that you can become the most seductive couple of the night and win our unique Costume Contest.Sure, you can be Desire’s Adam and Eve or a sexy Cleopatra with her Julius Caesar. This is the night to let your imagination run wild, feel the seduction of our sensual-fun atmosphere and live your passions to the fullest.
Lingerie Night - That's right, Saturday night with us will give you every opportunity to feel part of the always deliciously erotic ambiance of our couples only resort. Whether you join us in your sexy choice for the occasion and participate in our lingerie fashion show, or remain a curious spectator, our Lingerie Fashion Show at the Melange Bar will delight your senses and set the perfect mood for the more alluring moments to come.The fun will continue in the Y disco with our unique Chippendale show. Yes, ladies, you know you can let go of your inhibitions and have your way with these hot men we will invite to Desire just for your delight. So see you tonight!


All night themes are subject to change without previous notice and our Special Events hold their own programs


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