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Freedom 2013 8 day Carribean Cruise

Freedom of the Seas

Port Canaveral, FL
Nov 10th, 2013 to Nov 17th, 2013

Freedom 2013 8 day Carribean CruiseThere is no doubt that Lifestyles & Swinger Cruises are the hottest venue in the lifestyle world today. Lifestyles Cruise®, in conjunction with Lifestyles Travel and Right Connections Travel hit it out of the park with the Freedom of the Seas on the first lifestyle takeover cruise on this amazing ship ... one of Royal Caribbean's largest cruise ships! Increasing the size of our lifestyle audience to 2000 couples! Remember the days of the Lifestyles Conventions? 3000 Couples all taking over multiple hotels, making a long weekend of socializing with like-minded couples. The Freedom of Seas brings back this fun as Lifestyles Cruises® offers to you the cruise of a lifetime for you. Talk about making memories!
Each of these ships totally sold out more than one year in advance of the cruise. This speaks leagues for the popularity of these cruises. Now Lifestyles Cruise® is bringing you another (7) nights of pure ecstasy in NOVEMBER 2013 with ports you will just love and adult entertainment. No kids, no worries, just relaxing during the day and partying all night long ... not to mention exotic ports of call. Proof Positive these ships sail with no problems, this is now the fifth Total Take-Over Cruise in our line-up. We are sure this cruise will add to the ongoing success of these amazing Lifestyle Events.
What a beautiful ship! The FREEDOM OF THE SEAS is a 5-Star cruise ship with multiple pools, bars, dinning areas, golfing, rock climbing Surf / Wave Machine and more. Cruise ships are the perfect Lifestyle venue ... as they take you away from the pesky rules and regulations imposed by local municipalities on clubs, they let the party rock. With over 2000 couples ready to party for seven nights, multiple night clubs and play rooms, themed parties and exciting excursions, this will be your most memorable Lifestyle Vacation. So, if you want a choice cabin on this ship, please do not sit on the fence and "miss the boat."
This Lifestyles Cruise® Take-Over Cruise will cost you about the same as spending the same time at Hedonism II or Desire Resort, yet offer you ten times the number of couples, making it very easy to find couples you are compatible with. The last ship we took out in April 2011 was a total blast and everyone had a great time.
If you missed out on the last Lifestyle Take-Over Cruise because you waited too long to make the decision ... you missed the time of your life! Now is your chance to grab a great cabin on the next FREEDOM OF THE SEAS sailing. We have this set-up for you now where you can select the cabin of your dreams, and not worry about cancellation penalties. You can secure this cruise for just a deposit and payment structure and have ZERO CANCELLATION PENALTIES. If you decide you can't go on the cruise, Lifestyle Travel and Right Connections will work diligently to resell your cabin and promptly send you the cash! So, don't lose out, lock yourself into a cabin now with virtually no risk. Just click RESERVATIONS and choose the best cabin category for you.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us. We have been on ALL of the past Lifestyle Take-Over Cruises and we can literally answer any question you may have from themes, dress, play areas, entertainment ... everything. We even have a website where you can meet other couples going on this cruise.

This group is SOLD OUT. Please contact us for waitlist options.