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Ground Transportation is one of the most often overlooked and forgotten parts of planning your vacation. Desire Resort Riviera Maya does not include Ground Transportation with your booking unless you are staying in a Passion or Desire Suite.

Right Connections Travel has the solution for you. We have partnered with Tourex Cancun for over 12 years to provide our customer with fast and reliable transportation to and from the Cancun International Airport. When you book your stay at Desire Resort Riviera Maya with Right Connections Travel, and you book at least five nights*, we will pay for your transportation from the airport to Desire Resort and back to the airport. If you are booking less than five nights, there is a small charge for the transfers.

The driver from Tourex will meet you outside of the terminal and whisk you on your way. These transfers are what we call "semi-private", this means that it is not a bus that stops 20 times along the way, but a modern passenger van that goes directly to the resort. The majority of the time it is just you in the vehicle unless another couple is going to Desire Resort that arrived on the same flight. Think of it as an opportunity to meet a like-minded couple before you even get to the resort.

For those who would like a little more luxury, Right Connections Travel can arrange for a private SUV or limousine for you as well. Just give us a call att (877) 225-5576, and we can get you a quote. We do need at least seven days' notice to schedule upgraded transfers.

Where to meet your driver.
Once your plane lands in Cancun, you will first pass through Mexican Immigration. Once done here, you will collect your checked luggage and proceed to Mexican Customs where you press the big button to see if you go to secondary inspection. Once you pass customs, now the fun begins… you will enter a room that is full of booths. These are predominantly Time Share salespeople. They will do their best to get you to come and listen to their pitch. Don't Do It. Proceed outside of the Airport Terminal through the door that says "Buses,"" not the "Taxi" door. Once outside you will easily see a large group of people, these are the transportation providers. Your driver from Tourex will meet you there. They will have a sign that has "Tourex" on one side and your name on the other. The drivers for Tourex will generally be in a white shirt with red trim on the sleeves. Just give them a copy of your Ground Transportation Voucher, and they will load your bags into the vehicle and get you on your way.
Return to the airport.
When the driver drops you off at the resort, they will give you a receipt that will have your pick-up time for the day of departure. Please make a note of this time and be packed and ready to go in the lobby at that time. It is generally two and a half hours before your flight departs. You will have enough time to ensure that you get to the airport and check-in for your flight without having to rush. You never know when there maybe traffic delays or long lines at security
My flights delayed, what do I do?
We ask for your airline and flight numbers for arriving and departing Cancun so that we can track your flight status. If it is a small delay, under 2 hours, the driver will know about it as they check the arrival of the flights. If it is a long delay or a change in flight numbers, please contact us at (877) 225-5576 and give us your new information. We will take care of informing Tourex and, if necessary, Desire Resort so that your room will be held and waiting for you upon arrival.
We want to stay an extra day?
There is no problem doing this if Desire Resort has a room available for you. Just check with the Front Desk to verify that they have a room available and ask them to call Right Connections Travel while you are at the Front Desk. The biggest reason to call us is to save you money. When Right Connections books you for the extra night, you will automatically get the promotional rate. If you pay at the Front Desk, they will charge the normal rate for the room, and you may not get the promotional savings. We will also take care of contacting Tourex and letting them know to reschedule your pick-up day and time, so please have your new flight information available.

* Free Ground Transfers are subject to a minimum number of nights and other conditions. If they are available for your stay, you will be given the option to add them while booking your reservation.