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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is a crucial topic. Many of us tend to tell ourselves "I won't need it," and save a few bucks. But in many cases, saving a few bucks is far from the truth. Even though you might feel confident about your health, and closely watch the weather, simple issues can change the outcome drastically. Imagine you get to the airport or get a text, "Flight Canceled." Seems like just a temporary situation that many travelers experience, but the airlines canceled about 7000 flights in the last major snowstorm. If the flight's delayed for a day or two, is the airline going to reimburse you for the two days of your vacation that you lost?

Another reason that we hear quite often is that my credit card has Travel Insurance coverage and I will use that. While some credit cards do offer some protections, they have low benefit limits and a long list of exclusions and most will not cover pre-existing medical conditions. The only credit card that we are aware of that comes close is the American Express Centurion card, an invitation-only card with a $5,000.00 initiation fee.

What happens if your vacation is cut short by a hurricane or the cruise line cuts the trip short? How do you recover the costs to re-book your flight home or the hotel room for the night? What if something happens while you are on vacation and need to be medically evacuated? Your health insurance probably will not pay for that. What if your bags get lost by the airline, and you do not have your medications? These are all reasons to have a separate Travel Insurance policy.

We have partnered with a leading Travel Insurance provider that has policies to cover all of the situations. They even have "Cancel for Any Reason" policies that can cover anything from a lost passport, lost job, sudden medical condition or even your cat getting a hangnail. To get the best coverage and "Cancel for Any Reason," you do need to purchase Travel Insurance when you make your initial booking, and you can even cover your air travel under one plan.

To get a quote, click on the link below and fill out some necessary information.

TravelSafe Insurance